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Our blog is a gathering place for special articles by the Annotation AI Team. It is a site that shares small empathy elements and composes various articles together.

space to grow together; An oasis-like gathering place for writing. Like ‘Oasis’, which provides rain on a difficult journey, please join us with the story that the ‘Annotation AI’ Team in the artificial intelligence solution industry will write.

Know+ About : Annotation AI

Annotation AI is an Infra Service Provider that enables continuous AI. We provide an AI lifecycle management solution from the data collection stage through data set construction to actual service. In addition to software, we provide integrated services of “consulting, solutions, and hardware” required for artificial intelligence.

Established in 2020 by talented people with rich experience in artificial intelligence development and service, it is a 'data-centric' company with know-how in pre-processing of autonomous driving data, fashion data, and hanok data.

We developed AnnoWiz, a deep learning-based image labeling platform that can reduce the input manpower and work period of repetitive and labor-intensive image data processing, and also provides AnnoScore, an AI dataset quality verification management platform. In addition, MLWiz, an AI lifecycle management MLOps platform that can efficiently develop, manage, and operate the entire AI model development cycle, is also being developed.

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A place where the Annotation AI Team shares useful information that is being researched for the development and development of the technology it is working on.
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A place to share insights on various industries where artificial intelligence is used and what growth potential it has.
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A place where Annotation AI shares articles about its development experience and growth process.

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